Sweet Sixteen

In the spirit of March Madness and the NCAA Basketball Tournament, below is a list of the top “Sweet Sixteen” issues that landlords and tenants most heavily negotiate in their retail leases:

1.     Co-Tenancy.
2.     Pre-Delivery and Possession Conditions.
3.     Penalties for Late Delivery of Possession.
4.     Construction Obligations.
5.     Exclusive Use.
6.     Remeasurement of Size of Premises.
7.     CAM Calculations.
8.     Percentage Rent Calculations.
9.     Audit Rights.
10.   Continuous Use/Right to Go Dark.
11.    Radius Restrictions.
12.    Self-Help.
13.    Repair Obligations.
14.    Construction Allowance Payment Conditions.
15.     Assignment and Subletting.
16.     Relocation.

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